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InfoZoom Data File

β‡’ Category:Data Files
β‡’ Developer:humanIT Software GmbH

πŸ“Œ The .FOX format pattern serves as a native, primary data storage layout utilized and employed by InfoZoom, a Windows-adapted, intelligent data visualization software distributive. Particularly, the .FOX branch nodes internally grasp various table content, such as permissions information, color coding, analysis groups, data queries, summaries, formats, and table structure. .FOX file pattern is seamlessly and steadily surveyed, researched, and opened by InfoZoom Business and Professional editions but are not respectively comprehended by InfoZoom Analyzer product.

Furcadia Art File

β‡’ Category:Game Files
β‡’ Developer:Furcadia Game

πŸ“Œ Another apparent case of the .FOX arrangement exploitation concerns the graphics data object taken into service by Furcadia, a multiplayer online game set taking place in a magical world with speaking animals. The following .FOX constitution is stored in the Furcadia Object Extended schema which is compliant with multiple bitmap graphics in the identical file source. Essentially, this certain .FOX build-up is applied for saving button images, avatar sprites, and other appropriate in-game graphics. Indeed, the .FOX resources can be easily and freely adjusted with the Furcadia FOX Editor (fsheditor.exe) module, integrated into the default Furcadia installation distributive. As the internal discovery opens up, the aforementioned specification eventually superseded the elder β€œ.FBJ” (Furcadia shape property), β€œ.FS2” (Furcadia extended shape), and β€œ.FSH” (Furcadia shape) extension principles.

How to open an .FOX file?

πŸ“Œ These concrete file samples can be cozily and efficiently opened, reprojected, and visualized by InfoZoom software suite, focused on data analysis and research. Besides, in other common circumstances the .FOX format structure is recognized and surveyed by Furcadia game installer, a multiplayer online entertainment project in a fictional universe.

Programs to open .FOX file - InfoZoom Data File

  • Windows
  • 🌐 Software
    ⌨️ Developer
    πŸ’΅ License
  • NEMO GmbH

Programs to open .FOX file - Furcadia Art File

  • Windows
  • 🌐 Software
    ⌨️ Developer
    πŸ’΅ License
  • Furcadia Game
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