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πŸ“Œ .XSL schema recognizes the style of tables, text and other relevant objects in scope of an .XML file. The hierarchy and logic of the outcome container specification is quite close to .CSS documents utilized by .HTML pages. The extension objects can be fluently opened and explored by FileMaker or other corresponding program solution, compliant with XML style sheets. The .XSL tech specification is frequently used by developers when their app requires to assure that the resulting .XML file exported or generated from the developed tool UI or menu satisfies appropriate layout, design or schema prior to further opening and transfer to targeted service or suite.

How to open an .XSL file?

πŸ“Œ .XSL design files can be easily revealed and explored by a variety of packages that fit for correspondence of a particular .XML document to proper .XSL design. Therefore, you may flexibly open, review and modify .XSL file contents in any .XML code editor, available for download from native platform or third-party sources. Although .XSL layout doesn’t suggest modification of attributes and elements of the target .XML file, you may flawlessly adjust the visual reproduction of the related .XML object, adapt its styles, fonts, indentations, colors and other visual properties to desired shape or form. Basically, .XSL can be identified and suited as an essential, custom .XML template.

Programs to open .XSL file

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  • Mac OS
  • Linux
  • Web
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  • Microsoft
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