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πŸ“Œ A .PPSM file container fits for maintenance of macro-enabled slideshows generated and opened up by Microsoft PowerPoint, a top-quality program project which permits the competent users to design stylish presentations and slideshows for further demonstration in public for educational or corporate aims. Essentially, the .PPSM format basement suggests availability of one or more integrated macro-enabled scenes or slides, which may be composed of unique transitions, images and text blocks. .PPSM extension resources are generally oriented on storing, opening and handling presentations with inclusive macros that are suggested to be visually displayed for the customer side, while remaining non-edited. On the logic and structure, .PPSM items are quite close to .PPSX file instances, despite being composed of embedded macros executed by PowerPoint features and UI menu interaction.

How to open an .PPSM file?

πŸ“Œ .PPSM data objects can be smoothly edited, opened up and configured by various suites, competent in creating digital presentations and slideshows with a variety of animated effects, styles, and transitions. Specifically, the noted .PPSM file object entries are recognized by Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Preview, Apple Keynote, and Kingsoft Presentation toolkits, compliant with all actual branches of desktop infrastructures and systems. Besides, you may easily review the .PPSM sample constitution and build-up with the aid of MobiSystems OfficeSuite Pro mobile applet, entirely consistent with present-day Android and iOS device categories. After all, you are also capable of altering and adjustment of .PPSM file branch contents by utilizing Google Slides and PowerPoint 365 cloud web-services, operated directly from your default or third-party browser. While PowerPoint 365 requires paid subscription, Google Slides is available on entirely free of charge principle.

Programs to open .PPSM file - PowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Slide Show

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  • Web
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