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πŸ“Œ The .DBD file item constitution is established on the foundation of a demo project built and opened with DemoShield, a flexible and adaptable service for creating and packaging installable demos of software products and solutions. Besides, the .DBD layout is generally employed for authoring various multimedia presentations and animated clips. Generally, the .DBD file extension arrangement is saved in a packaged shape that can be distributed via disc on the Web-area. DemoShield project was formerly opened up, designed, and distributed by Macrovision company and was tightly integrated into InstallShield platform. Nevertheless, since 2007 the DemoShield program initiative was discontinued, and Macrovision organization has been rebranded into Acresso Software trademark in 2008.

How to open an .DBD file?

πŸ“Œ Most of the .DBD object resources can be strictly associated with, embraced, and opened by Macrovision DemoShield package, targeted for creating installation distributives of the demo-revisions of certain projects. Since middle-2000s the initiative has become entirely archaic and out-dated.

Programs to open .DBD file - DemoShield Project

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  • Macrovision DemoShieldMacrovision DemoShield
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