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📌 This peculiar file entity is generated, built, and opened by Windows Contacts, an integrated contact management suite embedded into Windows 7 and Windows Vista editions. Specifically, the proper extension item includes data regarding an organization or person, including family members, professional titles, work and home addresses, phone number, email address, picture and name. Essentially, the specific file entry is allocated within the “Contacts” directory for each certain Windows user, owning the authentication rights for logging in into the system. The noted files are typically entitled with their “Full Name” field, for instance a contact with Full Name “Paul Smith” is commonly stored within the file “Paul Smith.contact”. The relevant person picture is represented and visualized as the file icon in Windows shell. Therefore, the aforementioned resources are opened and referenced by the integrated Windows Mail e-mail client in the automatic approach, which was afterwards replaced and substituted by Microsoft Outlook bundle.

How to open an .CONTACT file?

📌 The following .CONTACT-embraced data instances are perfectly comprehended, reviewed, and opened up by outdated, extinct Windows Live Mail and Windows Contacts utilities, built-in into the former legacy Vista and 7 editions. Now the project is replaced by a more proficient, broadly featured and scalable Microsoft Outlook client.

Programs to open .CONTACT file - Windows Contact File

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