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πŸ“Œ The .GAL logic is related to biological data resources generated, made up, and opened in the GenePix Array List (GAL) constitution. In common, the .DAT records are composed of the locations (column, row, and sector) and names of custom β€œfeatures” on a certain microarray slide. Basically, the .GAL standard fits for capturing and handling fluorescent spots on distinctive microarrays in specific biological experiments, which are afterwards expected to be utilized for effective quantitative analysis. .GAL file structure is oriented on plain, tab-delimited text form shaped and embraced into Axon Text Format (.ATF) specification. Pretty often, the resulting .GAL items are generated from and opened by certain Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, while the relevant Excel document is fluently exported to a tab-separated text entry and the outcome spreadsheet sample extension marker is renamed into a .GAL tagged value. Therefore, the file standard is mostly designated for the biological area of industry and science.

How to open an .GAL file?

πŸ“Œ The .GAL file representation is clearly comprehended, identified, opened up, and monitored by GenePix Pro software, coded and designed by Molecular Devices corporate group. As a bonus perk, you may accurately review noted sample content with an accustomed Microsoft Excel spreadsheet editor, as long as practically all of the .GAL items are handled and sustained in tab-separated, clear textual form. In this case, Excel would be able to correctly mark up the requested .GAL instances and visually reproduce the file content in a flexible, seamless way. At last, the .GAL schema layout is able to be reviewed by any typical text editor, such as Microsoft Notepad, WordPad, Notepad++ or any other accustomed solution, which entirely supports and compatible with Windows operating shell and architecture, including the formerly released editions. None of format composition is reviewable within macOS and Linux operating systems, preinstalled on stationary or portable desktop computers or laptops, correspondingly.

Programs to open .GAL file - GenePix Array List File

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