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📌 An .EDI data structure refers to an info container formatted with the assistance of one of several Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) arrangement categories. Accurately, the following predefined pattern includes structured data encoded and opened in a clear, transparent textual representation which serves for delivering and transmitting business data between multiple companies or business organizations. .EDI file schema is mostly oriented on reducing processing time, cost, and errors associated with faxes, emails, and postal mails. As the practice figures out, the .EDI extension objects can be stored in various logical standards. Among the common .EDI layouts such combinations should be specified as:

  • xCBL
  • CSV
  • EDITRANS (Transportation)
  • cXML
  • ebXML
  • ANSI X12
  • EDIFICE (Information Technology)
  • ETIS (Telecommunications).

As long as an advanced arsenal of various EDI standards exists nowadays, no single toolkit or product is designed for reviewing all of .EDI instances. Thus, none of the software packages is guaranteed to open all of respective .EDI-packaged file sources. When sending an respective .EDI-adapted object by postal or electronic mail, the sender is expected to always confirm that the receiving structure or organization is applying the identical, analogous technological .EDI-sustained standard.

How to open an .EDI file?

📌 Primarily, the current file logic and hierarchy are readable and opened by Microsoft Excel 365 web-service, operating in modern browsers through a designated web-app, optionally preinstalled. Besides, you can refer to Progress Stylus Studio, Etasoft EDI Validator, or Etasoft Extreme Translator utilities, consistent and supported by all actual Windows devices and gadgets, either desktop or portable.

Programs to open .EDI file - Electronic Data Interchange File

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • 🌐 Software
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  • Microsoft Corporation
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