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πŸ“Œ The .AAF item schema is based on the Avid audio production and editing software solutions such as Avid Media Composer and Avid Pro Tools. Accurately, the noted .AAF entry definition includes references to video and audio resources as well as opening and editing decisions which are applied to the video and audio data respectively. The Advanced Authoring Format logic refers to the interchange extension between various individual platforms and nodes. The .AAF tech specification is primarily oriented on the Windows and Mac-systems, and is not compatible with Android and iOS platforms and devices. The .AAF principle is operating on the proprietary foundation and is processed in accordance with the commercial license.

How to open an .AAF file?

πŸ“Œ The standard is particularly sustained by various Avid tools, such as Avid Media Composer and Avid Pro Tools. Moreover, the .AAF file samples can be effortlessly opened and exported to other structural entities with the aid of Adobe Premiere Pro package. At last, the .AAF file documents can be smoothly opened up, reviewed and modified by Adobe After Effects suite due to direct compatibility of the package with this specific file layout. The .AAF file resources can not be maintained and handled on any of the mobile shells, including those equipped into portable Apple gadgets. The .AAF file constitution is directly referencing the links on the actual media resources, integrated into the corresponding Avid Media or Avid Pro project. In the outcome, the file format is also supported by the outdated Avid Xpress distributive, remaining in ceased development state.

Programs to open .AAF file - Advanced Authoring Format File

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
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