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πŸ“Œ The .G64X standard type tightly concerns the video file samples stored in the Genetec video specification, which is utilized to archive, open up, or share video file sequences and tracks recorded and captured by the Security Center bundle from Genetec corporate affiliation. In detail, the .G64X file entries ordinarily store surveillance videos encoded by H.264 codec and retrieved from a building security camera or police body camera. Generally, .G64X file resources can be freely played back and opened by the Genetec Video Player app which consecutively superseded the former Portable Archive Player included into Security Center distributive package. As a matter of fact, .G64X extension samples are generated and initiated when the user manages to export a video file captured by a surveillance camera due to the involvement of the Genetec Security Center suite. During the exporting routine, you can define whether you desire to obtain an outcome .G64X or outdated .G64 (older video-based format substituted by .G64X pattern) file records or more accustomed and broadly applied .ASF or .MP4 video tracks. Regarding Genetec Video Player, it is widely recognized as a solid, configurable tool that can be preinstalled on older PC clients and stations that don’t have Security Center file toolkit available on their hard drive in order to visually reproduce and reproject the .G64X video-based recordings.

How to open an .G64X file?

πŸ“Œ The .G64X data arrangement is smoothly uncovered, opened, processed, and operated by Genetec Security Center bundle (particularly, by Genetec Video Player product embedded into the installer set).

Programs to open .G64X file - Genetec Video File

  • Windows
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