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πŸ“Œ A .WLMP record can be associated with a particular movie project initiated and generated by Windows Live Movie Maker, a suite which grants users an opportunity to create stylish slideshows and movies. Basically, it includes paths to effects, music, image files, movie transitions, and clip sequences featured and embedded into the movie project. .WLMP entries do not contain the actual content themselves, which visually appears in the app project, only predefined links to the respective content. Therefore, .WLMP extension resources are generally employed to design and open up personal videos for sharing with family and friends. Moreover, you are offered a way to export .WLMP video-tracks to .WMV shape, burn them to DVD-carriers, or publish the results of your creative efforts to YouTube service.

How to open an .WLMP file?

πŸ“Œ .WLMP file instances can be smoothly processed and opened up by Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker, adapted for operating within the Windows environment. If the package is not available and installed on your machine by default, you can utilize the Nero Video program as an alternate solution. In any of the cases, you would be allowed to review and visualize the .WLMP project content without excessive efforts and trials. The videos embedded into .WLMP project canvas, can be opened only in Windows platform disregarding the actual tool you apply to playback and adjust the video file track. Afterwards, the .WLMP sequences can be exported to alternate tech standards and specifications with the assistance of the primary menu of the applicable video utility, either default or third-party.

Programs to open .WLMP file - Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker Video Project

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