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πŸ“Œ An .AMV video format relies on media content stored in the Actions Media Video container subcategory, which is frequently exploited by various designated Chinese portable media suites and players. In practice, the .AMV file sample includes a low-resolution (from 320x240 up to 96x96 pixels), compressed and encoded media clip. Generally, the noted media resources can be easily reviewed, opened and played back by desktop PC software included into AMV media players and various other software streaming suites and file packages. Until now, the .AMV entries fitted as an extended alternative of .AVI file records, exploited and utilized by various designated Chinese suites and solutions for opening up and viewing video and audio-clips.

How to open an .AMV file?

πŸ“Œ The video .AMV-related file sources can be opened, played back and reviewed by several media player types, specifically freeware cross-platform VLC project and proprietary AVS Media Player, shared on the commercial foundation. The .AMV extension type is not widely spread in accordance with rare exploitation and deployment in modern tech environments and infrastructures. However, you may effortlessly convert the .AMV file instances into other sustainable format branches with the aid of AnyMP4 Video Converter, AVS Video Converter, FFmpeg and other representative toolkits for media decoding and decompression. The audio layers within the .AMV file samples are typically compressed via PCM audio codec, accessible for unrestricted usage and appliance without any financial obligations.

Programs to open .AMV file - Anime Music Video File

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