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πŸ“Œ An .LRV file entry corresponds to the low-resolution video clip or sequence stored and opened up in the MPEG-4 video definition. Some of the GoPro-licensed cameras, such as GoPro HERO3 and HERO2, are able to generate the relevant .LRV tracks. These categories of cameras are also able to build up and constitute appropriate HD-video sequences. .LRV data samples are commonly utilized during the editing routine to minimize the amount of computing power resources and load on the hardware side requested to edit a video compared to applying the HD file item. After the editing and mastering of the clip is accomplished, the resulting .LRV file can be superseded with the HD composition before rendering of the final video-track is initiated. These subtypes of .LRV file resources are also exploited for previewing with GoPro mobile suites and applets, for opening and playing back through Wi-Fi, or in a shape of streaming buffer when the editor exploits the smartphone as a primary control device. Hereby, the .LRV dataset is distinguished as a temporary preview clip before the user initiates the resulting mastering and rendering procedure.

How to open an .LRV file?

πŸ“Œ An .LRV data container is freely opened, reviewed and uncovered by all major, common video players, editors and suites, like VLC, Microsoft Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic, Apple QuickTime Player, GOM Player, Apple iMovie, etc. The .LRV extension is clearly and transparently recognizable within any desktop shells and platforms, including Linux and macOS, either of actual or earlier generations. The .LRV format is still widely utilized in contemporary GoPro cameras and other device categories, and serves for storing and sustaining low-resolution and less qualitative .LRV videos for specific types of video-content, clips and compositions for preview and demo targets and requirements.

Programs to open .LRV file - Low-resolution Video File

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