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πŸ“Œ The .EXO file branch is designated as a partial video segment, made up, generated and opened by YouTube for Android. Precisely, the .EXO chunk includes an embedded portion of a video clip, which a user has formerly downloaded for offline playback, viewing and demonstration. .EXO data resources are managed in the encrypted form, so that they could be finally opened on appropriate, customly specified editions of YouTube for Android mobile applet. The .EXO video extension technology is actual for those selected countries, where users are permitted to download certain videos for reviewing offline. Among such regions, Indonesia, the Philippines and India should be noted on the first hand. Therefore, such video-clips are accessible for further projection for 48 hours only and are stored locally as a bunch of .EXO records.

How to open an .EXO file?

πŸ“Œ The .EXO clips can be reviewed and played back on those editions of YouTube for Android which permit you to download and view media-files in offline mode. When you open up and run an .EXO sample within the mobile system edition, YouTube for Android would begin playing the downloaded file the EXO entry is a component of. You can also navigate between downloaded videos from within the YouTube for Android suite, by selecting Library -> Downloads in the primary app menu. As long as the .EXO records refer to the partial chunks of the video compositions and media-clips downloaded by YouTube for Android package, you can not watch their contents in the accustomed media players and suites, accessible within your mobile infrastructure. Besides the noted entries are actual only for those selected countries which make the download offline feature available on your app branch.

Programs to open .EXO file - YouTube Video Chunk File

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