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FlashBack Recording

β‡’ Category:Video Files
β‡’ Developer:Blueberry Software

πŸ“Œ An .FBR file entity is normally associated with the screen recording initiated and built by Blueberry FlashBack Pro, a top-level, flexible and configurable screen recording project for Windows operating infrastructure. Essentially, the .FBR data file items are composed of video-sequences of actions a particular user has formerly performed in the Windows environment. More than that, the .FBR file pattern may also include certain transitions, annotations, and other special effects and tweaks. Blueberry FlashBack Pro package is a broadly employed screen recording distributive bundle that consists of two integral solutions: FlashBack Pro Player and FlashBack Pro Recorder. With the assistance of FlashBack Pro Recorder module, a certain user is afforded the means to record the actions they manage to take on the computer. (For instance, a user is granted the ability to create and design an .FBR recorded file tutorial or video-guide for further usage and appliance as a video tutorial.) FlashBack Pro distributive set saves resulting screen recordings in the form of .FBR items. After a proper .FBR extension file entry is finally saved and allocated on the hard disk, a user may open that file with the introduction of FlashBack Pro Player. After this step is accomplished, the user would gain an opportunity to export, modify, and watch the .FBR file recording they formerly designed and finalized. For instance, a user may finally export the edited .FBR file video-sequence as an .MP4 container instance, add transitions and text, or trim their outcome screen recording. The community members may also effortlessly save the edited recording project as an .FBR file pattern, if they schedule to proceed editing the .FBR guides or tutorials in the future.

Mercury Screen Recording

β‡’ Category:Video Files
β‡’ Developer:HP Development Company

πŸ“Œ Among the other possible interpretations of the .FBR specification branch a screen recording made and opened up by Mercury Screen Recorder should be noted, a tool that combines the HP Quality Center abilities with the other distinguished advantages of the aforementioned .FBR embraced software that relies on the quality assurance requirements. Precisely, the .FBR data schema includes real-time video-covered sequences captured while a relevant user interactively responds to the app requests on the computer environment. Quite frequently, the noted .FBR schema variation serves for documenting defects during the testing routine of the relevant program tool or utility. After the .FBR file entries have been finalized and recorded, they can be immersively reviewed and adjusted with the involvement of the Mercury Screen Player app.

How to open an .FBR file?

πŸ“Œ The .FBR data elements can be opened up, explored, and researched by Blueberry FlashBack Pro suite, mainly focused on screen recording features and facilities. Besides, it would be a considerable decision to attempt experimenting with HP Mercury Screen Player or Screen Recorder tools, currently remaining in ceased maintenance and support conditions.

Programs to open .FBR file - FlashBack Recording

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Programs to open .FBR file - Mercury Screen Recording

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  • HP Mercury Screen Recorder
  • HP Mercury Screen Player
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