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IIS Smooth Streaming Manifest File

β‡’ Category:Video Files
β‡’ Developer:Microsoft Corporation

πŸ“Œ This certain .ISM data principle concerns the files applied and opened up by the Smooth Streaming add-on of Microsoft’s IIS web-server. Precisely, the actual .ISM logic employs general XML formatting layout and comprises track and bit rate information for video (.ISMV) and audio (.ISMA) sequences hosted on the Web-server for streaming purposes. In most of the circumstances, the .ISM resources are allocated and held within an identical server folder as the multimedia tracks. Appropriately, the .ISM technological basement enables the server to be informed regarding which bit-rates are mapped to which multimedia sources, which is especially useful and handy for determining the streaming quality after negotiating regarding the connection speed with the client node or station. By the way, .ISM object arrangement is frequently exploited by Silverlight and other streaming platforms for gaining access to audio and video streams. In the Smooth Streaming API protocol, the SmoothStreamingSource class serves for specifying an actual streaming source for a relevant SmoothStreamingMediaElement (SSME) that streams the proper multimedia content in the outcome. Miscellaneously, it should be specified that .ISM file extension patterns are built with the involvement of Expression Encoder, a program that composes and makes up the creative multimedia content as an extra perk to the manifests.

InstallShield Project File

β‡’ Category:Developer Files
β‡’ Developer:Flexera Software

πŸ“Œ The .ISM file algorithm is tightly focused on the project resources composed, established, built, and opened by InstallShield, a powerful suite targeted for creating Windows distributive installers. Precisely, the .ISM methodology internally covers all project code and parameters, such as installer dialog options and tweaks, custom scripts, file entitlements, and hierarchical folder structures. Therefore, the .ISM instances are perfectly fit for building flexible, scalable installation packages. As a rule, all of the .ISM schemas can be properly saved in either an .XML or binary logical representation. In the outcome, .ISM components are constructed by the Professional or Premiere revisions of InstallShield project bundle.

How to open an .ISM file?

πŸ“Œ The .ISM entry contents can be flawlessly and immersively revealed, opened up, surveyed, and processed by InstallShield, a scalable and feature-satiated platform for designing and generating .ISM packaged installation distributives for various Windows apps and tools. Besides, in corresponding occasions it is a good idea to reference Microsoft IIS web-server, which also comprehends and recognizes the .ISM file item constitution. Coincides the fact that among obligatory clauses Smooth Streaming add-on should be miscellaneously pre-installed on IIS server side.

Programs to open .ISM file - IIS Smooth Streaming Manifest File

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Programs to open .ISM file - InstallShield Project File

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