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Avid Bin File

β‡’ Category:Video Files
β‡’ Developer:Avid Technology, Inc

πŸ“Œ At most, the .AVB container group is distinguished as a β€œbin” or library of files utilized and opened up by an Avid video-editing project initiative. Precisely, the following .AVB container stores custom references to EQ templates, effects, titles, sequences, sub-clips, media clips, etc. Therefore, .AVB file samples serve as β€œpointer objects” that arrange and organize files applied by a particular project, but do not include the actual media instances or sequences. Hereby, when an Avid project is backed up, .AVB records should be backed up along with the proper media resources. Avid-related .AVB elements can be smoothly imported into an existing project by picking File -> Import item from the primary app menu and selecting a relevant .AVB record to be imported afterwards. .AVB specification is a primary format definition referenced by Avid software along with a proper video track or compound media structure.

Microsoft Comic Chat Character

β‡’ Category:Raster Image Files
β‡’ Developer:Microsoft Corporation

πŸ“Œ This relevant .AVB sample hierarchy is employed and opened by Microsoft Comic Chat, a formerly widely spread chatroom application. Precisely, the .AVB items include avatars that are referenced by the program to represent and visualize the outcome user. In order to apply an avatar not included with the Comic Chat suite, transfer the relevant .AVB data record into the β€œComicArt” directory within the installation path of the program. After that, in the primary menu of the corresponding toolkit, pick View -> Comic Strip menu element, after that choose File -> New Connection option, navigate to the β€œCharacter” tab, specify the name or entitlement of the .AVB resource you recently added up, and confirm your decision by clicking OK button. Although the Microsoft Comic Chat project was completely discontinued, the 2.5 package edition is still accessible for free download from the official project web-repository.

How to open an .AVB file?

πŸ“Œ .AVB target file items can be accurately uncovered, opened up and explored by Avid Media Composer software package, which fits for diverse video-editing tasks and abilities, such as cutting and gluing media sequences, adding various track effects and filters, adding the watermarks, and other individual purposes and aims. The suite is distinguished by native support for HDV and H.264 codecs. In addition, the utility varies with 64-bit operations for fast .AVB rendering and smooth playback. Besides, natively the .AVB extension is supported by Avid Xpress bundle, which is currently remaining in discontinued development and maintenance status. In rarer circumstances, the .AVB document category can be flawlessly operated and processed by Microsoft Comic Chat package, mainly oriented on chatroom services and tweaks. The latest 2.5 release of the distributive has been officially published and released in March, 1999. Since then the project has not gained any genuine enhancements and updates.

Programs to open .AVB file - Avid Bin File

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Programs to open .AVB file - Microsoft Comic Chat Character

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