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πŸ“Œ The .AV3 file structure serves as a common format definition, which is utilized to store surveillance footage recorded by Panasonic Arbitrator BWC body cameras. Accurately, the .AV3 content is composed of videos packaged into H.264 format basement and securely encrypted to avoid possible evidence tampering. .AV3 video sequences also include encrypted metadata markers and attributes. .AV3 resources are generally applied for storing, opening up and playing back videos captured by Arbitrator BWC 3 body cameras worn by police officers. The recorded file materials are distinguished as evidence for criminal cases followed up by the court proceedings. As long as the captured footage should be reliably secured to prevent any tampering efforts, .AV3 file items can only be opened by Panasonic SafeServ, which stands out as a compound integral component of the Unified Evidence Management System (UEMS) from Panasonic enterprise.

How to open an .AV3 file?

πŸ“Œ The .AV3 video tracks are smoothly operated, sustained and opened by Panasonic SafeServ utility, mainly utilized for court proceedings in order to represent the evidence for criminal cases. The .AV3 file definition is commonly processed by this sole toolkit to avoid potential evidence tampering and deceive the judge and jury. The .AV3 extension content is not recognized and comprehended by any major video players, and is securely encrypted on the hardware protection layer. Therefore, you need to make sure that the noted package is preinstalled and specify the correct path for video-file track location in order to properly visualize it in the SafeServ shell. It should be strictly mentioned that .AV3 data sequences are captured by Arbitrator BWC cameras, worn by state police officers on the body belt on duty. The .AV3 video content cannot be fabricated, falsified or reconstructed on the recording layer, so you need to make sure that the camera is unbroken and non-damaged before the evidence is being delivered to the court.

Programs to open .AV3 file - Arbitrator Video Surveillance File

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