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πŸ“Œ Ordinarily, a .1 file includes a manual page (man page) runnable and opened up by a man utility, a common Unix package applied to view specific user manuals. Precisely, the .1 file item is composed of documentation for a relevant Unix command. Each noted record serves as a plain text container which is divided into distinctive segments and delimited by standard markers. Level 1 user manuals describe common, typical commands for the relevant Unix operating system. Each of the level 1 user manual guides is included and handled by a file distinguished by the same name as the proper command it describes, followed by the .1 format tag. For instance, the manual describing the cmd_example instruction owns the filename cmd_example.1. Unix man page instances are generally encoded into .GZ definition and are recognizable by the .GZ.1 complex extension marker. Particularly, other Unix man pages also employ the .2 through .8 for other manual guide sections. For instance, the .2 file format marker is applied for corresponding system calls documentation.

How to open an .1 file?

πŸ“Œ The .1 data instances can be easily opened up, uncovered and handled by a typical Linux-compliant text editor, such as Vim, GNU Emacs, and other utilities able to comprehend and recognize the target sample composition. In addition to Linux architecture, the .1 format marker can be sustained and opened within Windows and macOS platforms, although natively the .1 file objects are consistent with Linux systems and their related forks. Besides, originally the .1 file definition is brilliantly reviewed by man program package, embedded into a default Linux shell distribution. Therefore, in non-Linux architectures it is recommended to exploit Microsoft Notepad, Notepad++, Apple TextEdit, Microsoft WordPad and more actual program solutions, distributable in accordance with freeware license condition terms. All of digital format entitlements from .1 to .8 are registered as manual pages, exploited by man utility integrated into source Linux repository.

Programs to open .1 file - Unix Section 1 Manual Page

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  • Mac OS
  • Linux
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