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πŸ“Œ An .8 format item includes a Unix manual page (man page) which implicitly describes appropriate admin-level instructions and rules. Each of the concrete .8 file records is entitled for the specific instruction it accurately documents. Normally, .8 data samples are suggested to be opened, sustained and reviewed by the Unix-related man utility package. Unix-related operating systems usually maintain an internal user manual accurately divided into 8 discrete chapters. The final, resulting .8 chapter of this manual guide integrates hardware-based commands, daemons, and system-administration commands. Each distinctive page of this descriptive manual is stored as a custom, individual .8 file, entitled for the command it corresponds to. For instance, the shutdown.8 section includes documentation which precisely concerns the shutdown instruction and its proper reprosteps. Specifically, the .8 section is composed of a brief overview of how to apply the command, a short description of the activity, a general list of command-level features and options, etc.

How to open an .8 file?

πŸ“Œ Although the .8 extension is primarily oriented onto the Unix, Linux and other systems of the same branch or fork, you can easily research, discover and sustain the entry constitution with the aid of man software package, integrated into the system and referencing the relevant name of the file you attempt to open up. For instance, in case you desire to review and uncover the constitution and layout of the shutdown.8 file item, type in the man shutdown(8) instruction in the command-line console prompt. As long as normally all of formatted plain content is stored in a clear textual representation, it is recommended and suggested to make use of Vim, GNU Emacs, Microsoft Notepad, WordPad, Apple TextEdit, or any other contemporary utility, able to comprehend the constitution and make-up of the text entry composition in a clear and flexible way. It should be also specified that Windows and macOS text viewers and code editors are completely eligible to process the pinpoint item approaches and principles in the desired way.

Programs to open .8 file - Unix Section 8 Manual Page

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
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