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πŸ“Œ A .POL compound basement is commonly associated with the data objects generated, opened and established by Group Policy Object Editor, an administration utility and snap-in for Windows shell. Precisely, the custom predefined .POL-embraced elements store registry keys composed and initiated while authoring a respective Administrative Template and can identify respective global or local user parameters. The requested file items are almost always entitled with Registry.pol tagged instance value. Actually, all of the formerly specified extension resources can be effortlessly and seamlessly opened up, reviewed and visualized with the assistance and aid of Registry.Pol Viewer Utility service, downloadable from the third-party software repositories and servers.

How to open an .POL file?

πŸ“Œ The noted data file entities and sources are accessible for research, exploration, survey, and discovery with the introduction of Microsoft Group Policy Object Editor, which internally processes and handles most of the respective item compositions. Besides, if you require to visualize and open up the .POL schema layout in a clear and transparent logical representation, pay a deeper attention to the Registry.Pol Viewer Utility service.

Programs to open .POL file - Windows Policy File

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