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Windows Port Driver

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πŸ“Œ The essential, major .PDR item variation can be defined as a driver element that enables particular USB devices, such as USB flash drives, to be applied and identified by a Windows-preconfigured computer station. In much the same manner as a virtual device driver (.VXD info pattern), the .PDR branch samples are widely and extensively employed by other compound hardware devices. Actually, quite often the .PDR content can be loaded and opened up with the assistance of Windows-integrated β€œAdd New Hardware” control panel snap-in. Once the relevant hardware is successfully located and identified within the system, you are suggested to accurately specify the exact allocation of the .PDR driver when requested by the dialog form.

ProntoDoc for Word Recovered Document

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πŸ“Œ One more possible interpretation of the .PDR data structure corresponds to the file layout utilized and opened up by ProntoDoc for Word (briefly, PDW), a compound Microsoft Word add-on which serves for building up and constructing proper document templates. In detail, the .PDR schema grasps a predefined extension template (.PDZ, .PDM, .PDH, .PDE, or .PDW basic make-up) or a particular Office document (.XPS data page, .PDF e-document, .XLSX spreadsheet, or .DOCX text file or other associated ProntoDoc visual content). In accustomed situations, the .PDR file logic is responsible and applicable for recovering original document content in the case when an unpredictable or unscheduled system break has occurred on the server side. ProntoDoc for Word plugin is particularly helpful in diverse business environments for generating custom tailored .PDR bundled reports, diagrams, charts, and other business-related categories of digital documents.

How to open an .PDR file?

πŸ“Œ A solid majority of the .PDR format implementations are handled, maintained, and opened by Microsoft Control Panel snap-in, integrated into all recent Windows depositories. This case concerns the situation when the target .PDR branch element holds and embraces the Windows device driver that permits your present operating shell infrastructure to properly recognize and identify the proper hardware component within your system area. Besides, in other non-typical preconditions the .PDR file format specification may appear handy and in-time reviewing the content within Microsoft Word text editor after former installation and customization of the ProntoDoc for Word modular .PDR consistent plugin.

Programs to open .PDR file - Windows Port Driver

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Programs to open .PDR file - ProntoDoc for Word Recovered Document

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