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📌 Basically, the files are marked with the .LNK tagged label when they stand out as Windows shortcuts, which point to and are applied to reveal another app, service, folder, or file composition. In practice, the .LNK instances contain descriptive information regarding the objects to which they point, including accurate instance’s filename, location, and type. After all, you are granted the means to create and compose an .LNK shortcut to a particular application, folder, or file by right-clicking on that specific data item and picking Create shortcut option in the pop-up context menu (by the way, in Windows 11 edition, you are required to preliminarily pick Show More Options branch node from the revealed context menu). As a rule, .LNK file schema pattern exploits the identical icon as their target object, with a tiny curled arrow attached to inform regarding the accessibility of shortcut points to another distinctive location or path. When you manage to double-click an .LNK object element, Windows is expected to successfully open up the file object to which the respective .LNK shortcut references, just as it would happen if you decide to double-click and open the actual file element or disk object.

How to open an .LNK file?

📌 After you make an attempt to execute, open, or review the .LNK file contents by a plain double-click on it or making a right-click and selecting Open element from the context menu represented on the screen, it would open up the structure of the file, program, service, or directory to which this appropriate .LNK object points or references. More skillful and keen users are granted the facilities to modify the certain .LNK object’s parameters and options by right-clicking on the respective file instance and picking Properties branch node from the revealed menu. In the Properties form you can alter the source .LNK associated path to the resulting data entity, input various command-line parameters, or make other desired modifications, which you would like to be applied to the .LNK build-up. Also you can specify a unique, peculiar shortcut key combination which would execute the .LNK covered file referenced from the keyboard interaction, without making service of the mouse. All of the .LNK extension items can be also adjusted and processed by Flint LinkInfo, Inkedit, TZWorks Ip, HxD, Parallels Desktop for Mac (with Windows shell formerly pre-installed within the virtual sandbox environment), or CrossOver utilities, most of which are responsible for editing .LNK associated path, reaction, and proactive steps.

Programs to open .LNK file - Windows Shortcut

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