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Windows Task Scheduler Job File

β‡’ Category:System Files
β‡’ Developer:Microsoft Corporation

πŸ“Œ Another typical assignment of the actual extension group is a job file composed and opened by Task Scheduler, a Windows-compatible utility applied to schedule automated operations and routines. Precisely, the common alternate technological definition of the methodology is tightly focused on the conditions, actions, triggers, and name for the relevant task. Besides, the .JOB principle is broadly employed for scheduling recurring checks for application updates, as well as for executing system scans of the antivirus and firewall solutions. As a matter of fact, the Task Scheduler jobs can be runnable on a schedule or by manual interference. Particularly, the following checks can be employed to send an email, display messages to the user, start programs, or accomplish other activities. Users are also afforded a way to establish custom preconditions, for instance, running a predefined task only when the PC station or client is on AC power or remaining in idle status.

MetaCAM Nest Job File

β‡’ Category:CAD Files
β‡’ Developer:Metamation

πŸ“Œ Initially, the .JOB specification references a nest job file composed by MetaCAM, a CAD toolset applied to improve and speed up efficiency in manufacturing and industry areas of business. Specifically, the .JOB resources include custom nest job instructions and settings. Therefore, the following file arrangement is applied to store and open up information that enhances and advances the usage of space and materials for manufactured items and products.

How to open an .JOB file?

πŸ“Œ At most, all of the current file elements are perfectly operated, opened up, and sustained by Metamation MetaCAM Nesting suite. In uncommon situations, it is highly recommended to experiment with Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler utility, integrated into the basic distribution set of Microsoft Windows system shell.

Programs to open .JOB file - Windows Task Scheduler Job File

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Programs to open .JOB file - MetaCAM Nest Job File

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