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Windows Memory Dump

β‡’ Category:System Files
β‡’ Developer:Microsoft Corporation

πŸ“Œ Typically, the .DMP container serves for storing data β€œdumped” from the memory space of the relevant program package. Primarily, the .DMP records are generated and built when an error has identified unexpected error and encounters with crashes and may also be saved by the program β€œSavedump.exe” on the first, initial reboot after a crash. As a matter of fact, the accustomed .DMP file entries are entitled as β€œMemory.dmp”. As the practice shows up and uncovers, the Windows memory dump samples can be utilized for troubleshooting, tracking and finding out the causes of system errors and other appropriate problem issues. Nevertheless, the .DMP file record can take up a considerably large amount of space resources and may frequently be deleted by the system approach without any manual user interference. Therefore, the .DMP elements are processed, handled and opened by the Windows system internally, despite a common user being offered a chance to track and visualize the .DMP entry composition and hierarchy.

Luma3DS Crash Dump

β‡’ Category:Data Files
β‡’ Developer:LumaTeam

πŸ“Œ One more apparent clause of the .DMP file extension appliance relies on the crash dump generated by Luma3DS, a customly designed firmware for the Nintendo 3DS console. Precisely, the following .DMP item subtype includes a detailed recording of what processes exactly were actively executing when Luma3DS eventually crashed, so that an outcome player may figure out what was the cause of the occurred crash. Luma3DS saves and opens .DMP file items in a specific Luma/Dumps directory allocated on the SD card of your 3DS console. When a certain Nintendo 3DS device with Luna 3DS firmware preinstalled on it eventually crashes, the player is offered an opportunity to press A button to consecutively save a crash dump on the disk. This crash data is afterwards allocated on the console’s SD card in the form of a .DMP resource. The entitlement approach is distinguished by an individual schema and conforms to appropriate principles and logic. Specifically, the .DMP sample filename corresponds to crash_dump_#.dmp template, where # implies the availability of any integer number between 0 and 999,999,999, considering the quantity of system crashes your genuine Nintendo 3DS console has encountered with.

How to open an .DMP file?

πŸ“Œ Considering that the source .DMP file element is composed of aggregated log data, the .DMP file resources can be smoothly and effortlessly processed, handled and opened up by freeware Windows Debug Tools utility, accessible for download from the Microsoft repository. Besides, it is affordable to exploit Microsoft Visual Studio and BlueScreenView program sets, which perfectly suit this specific target. In other preconditions, taking into account that original .DMP file entity stores dumped information regarding apparent crashes of your Nintendo 3DS console equipped with Luma3DS firmware, it is highly recommended to exploit Luma3DS exception parser to review the peculiar .DMP file object composition and structure, fully compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux environments. In either of the aforementioned cases, the .DMP file schema is composed of internally dumped logs, which accumulate precise information regarding system crashes or failures, so that the user could obtain a chance to resolve the problematic issues and make his work over the Windows system or 3DS console more stable and efficient.

Programs to open .DMP file - Windows Memory Dump

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Programs to open .DMP file - Luma3DS Crash Dump

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