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πŸ“Œ This certain file composition is operated, opened, and sustained by Help Viewer, a common, basic help documentation reviewer natively embedded into Mac OS X desktop shell. Precisely, the current technological schema consists of a bunch of documents, which may include CSS and HTML entries as well as certain open indexing data. Essentially, the noted extension mechanics are eligible for monitoring and analyzing help documentation of a relevant Mac OS X applet or tool. These specific document instances can be smoothly localized for various individual languages. For instance, a help-related book may be composed of subfolders for Italian ( like /Italian.lproj/ folder) or German (like /German.lproj/ folder) translations. The noted resource items are typically integrated into relevant Mac OS X app bundles in the shape of .APP data patterns.

How to open an .HELP file?

πŸ“Œ The aforementioned file logic and arrangement is fluently opened and explored by Apple Help Viewer utility embedded into formerly released Mac OS X environment bundles.

Programs to open .HELP file - Mac OS X Help Book

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