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πŸ“Œ Precisely, the .PNF schema file shape is adapted for holding, processing, and opening up the system-operated configuration entries that are generated when a concrete .INF data pattern is run and executed. Most typically, the .PNF entry records are stored within the %Systemroot%Inf or %Windir%Inf disk folder within the Windows desktop architecture. Hereby, it is visible and operated only in scope of Windows devices and stations.

How to open an .PNF file?

πŸ“Œ Commonly, the noted extension marker elements are processed, opened, and sustained by various Windows-related system components and services. For this specific reason, the .PNF tagged file resources are not suggested and expected to be opened up, visualized and explored in the manual way or procedure. Indeed, it is normally allocated within the aforementioned system Windows folders and handled in the background mode without direct user interference and involvement.

Programs to open .PNF file - Precompiled INF File

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  • Used by various applications and should not be opened manuallyUsed by various applications and should not be opened manually
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