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πŸ“Œ This specific .KO file specification concerns the module items employed and opened up by the Linux kernel, the core component of the Linux desktop operating infrastructure. Precisely, the .KO data elements comprise the program code that advances the featured arsenal of the Linux kernel, such as code for a driver of an appropriate computer device. In fact, all of the .KO extension arrangements can be smoothly loaded without formerly restarting the operating system. Miscellaneously, the .KO schemas may reference other requested module dependencies that must be loaded on the earlier stages of system workflow. Besides, the .KO items may be efficiently preloaded due to integration of the insmod Linux utility. In such a way, preinstalled kernel modules and composite parts can be listed with the assistance of lsmod command-prompt app, or they may be freely browsed in the /proc/modules disk folder. As of Linux kernel build 2.6, .KO file records are used as a replacement of the .O pattern and include miscellaneous data that the kernel applies to successfully load and open up requested modules. The Linux-based modpost file utility can be also taken into service for converting and transforming .O instances to .KO file definition. As an extra ability, the .KO branch nodes may also be loaded by FreeBSD by interacting with the kldload console app.

How to open an .KO file?

πŸ“Œ All of the .KO data samples and entities can be discovered, reviewed, and opened by the insmod command-prompt utility built into the desktop Linux shell. In certain circumstances, it would be a weighted decision to make service of the kldload package, integrated into the original FreeBSD distributive set.

Programs to open .KO file - Linux Kernel Module File

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  • Linux insmodLinux insmod
  • FreeBSD kldloadFreeBSD kldload
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