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πŸ“Œ The .EVTX data technique is mainly oriented onto the log files generated and opened up by the Windows 7 Event Viewer snap-in. Basically, the .EVTX file objects are composed of a detailed list of former system events aggregated and logged by the Windows operating shell. As a principle of the .EVTX specification claims, all of .EVTX file instances are stored in a proprietary binary representation that can only be reviewed and tracked within the Event Viewer package. Windows is focused on generating .EVTX embraced event file logs for five peculiar content categories, including Forwarded Events, System, Setup, Security, and Application. In order to review one of these .EVTX file logs, first open up the Events Viewer suite (allocated in Control Panel -> Administrative Tools snap-in). Then pick out the category within the β€œWindows Logs” tree branch on the left section of the Event Viewer form. At last, in the conclusion pick Action -> Save All Events As... element to finally save the data into an outcome log file. Formerly released editions of Windows platform stored specific Event Viewer log entries as .EVT file nodes. In the Windows 7 environment, all of .EVT system components are entitled as β€œLegacy Event Files”.

How to open an .EVTX file?

πŸ“Œ The .EVTX file extension layout and pattern can be smoothly opened, analyzed, and monitored with the Microsoft Event Viewer snap-in, integrated into the Windows operating platform shell, particularly Windows 7 revision. The .EVTX content includes all in-system activities and processes recordings, aggregated for discovering potential app crashes and failures within the common architecture. In addition to a legacy Windows 7 edition, the .EVTX adapted Event Viewer module is also integrated into subsequent software builds and generations.

Programs to open .EVTX file - Windows 7 Event Log File

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