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GEM Accessory File

β‡’ Category:Executable Files
β‡’ Developer:Digital Research

πŸ“Œ This accurate .ACC format category is oriented on the executable instances opened and run by GEM (Graphical Environment Manager), a flexible and stylish GUI applied and employed by TOS (The Operating System) and some peculiar DOS computer platforms designed and implemented in the earlier years. The .ACC extension branch serves for storing and saving a desktop accessory, such as a calculator or a clock. This specific .ACC file format is utilized by GEM for running and executing designated accessories. GEM was included into a common package distributive with TOS platform and previously made Atari ST environments. Nevertheless, if you desire to run the GEM system on a modern, contemporary PC workstation, you can attempt to make use of a custom GEM implementation entitled as OpenGEM. The following platform can also be executed and run on a virtual DOSBox emulator. Otherwise, you can anytime refer to the Gemulator, a customly designed GEM software emulator for the up-to-date .ACC consistent PC systems and nodes.

Graphics Accounts Data File

β‡’ Category:Data Files
β‡’ Developer:FKJ Software

πŸ“Œ The noted .ACC file record includes financial account data for Graphic Accounts, a flexible tool for creating, opening up, handling, and managing personal budgets in scope of the software suite. Precisely, the .ACC data sample may consist of typical data for a single or multiple bank accounts. .ACC specification entries may be effortlessly, smoothly and seamlessly opened up along with an appropriate budget (.BGT) file instance. The budget serves as a sub-branch of the financial .ACC document that affords a chance to properly allocate and schedule your wastes, investments and income and define the plans for the forthcoming accounting periods, taking into consideration the ratios of your .ACC comprehended salary and profit. Within the Graphic Accounts software solution the budgets are handled in the shape of designated, discrete .ACC entries, which constitute the overall basement for proceeding your calculation and forecasts in the financial aspect of knowledge.

How to open an .ACC file?

πŸ“Œ The .ACC file items are smoothly and effortlessly comprehended by Graphic Accounts suite, that splendidly fits for processing, handling and operating with private financial budgets deployed in the form of predefined .BGT file instances. The .ACC resources are eligible for storing various .ACC based financial account data and may involve content with actual wastes, income and potential investments for one or several bank accounts. Besides, the .ACC file entities are suitable for maintenance of executable files runnable by GEM interface. The following .ACC entry branch serves for storing a common desktop accessory, such as a calculator or a clock. Both of these .ACC extension groups have been commonly applied in earlier decades, and can rarely be encountered in modern infrastructure and working conditions. In the following way, the .ACC file objects utilized by DOS platform can be executed with the involvement of DOSBox emulator, widely consistent with all present-day operating systems.

Programs to open .ACC file - GEM Accessory File

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Programs to open .ACC file - Graphics Accounts Data File

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