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πŸ“Œ An .ACTION file object belongs to a group of resources written in Xcode language, and opened and utilized by Automator, a flexible toolkit for creating specific automations in the macOS environment. Precisely, it includes a particular activity which can be combined with other activities in scope of the Automator service to create a custom automated process or routine (these relevant mechanisms are stored as common .WORKFLOW document records). Actions are utilized for creating distinct automated tasks in macOS shell, generally with Finder or other utility or suite. The .ACTION activities are particularly irreplaceable for repetitive tasks, such as removing files in explorer, editing custom images in Photoshop, or batch creating sequential folders. In Windows infrastructure, the .ACTIONS resource branches appear as folders which contain a designated number of component items. Normally, .ACTION items cannot be opened and explored on Windows PCs.

How to open an .ACTION file?

πŸ“Œ .ACTION samples can be easily and fluently opened by Apple Automator toolkit, natively embedded into the desktop macOS system. Furthermore, you can gently import the .ACTION file records into Automator utility by picking File -> Import Actions… item from the primary menu bar of the application. Your predefined, current Automator activity would appear in the default Automator’s Actions library. Hereby, the extension branch is visible and accessible only within the macOS environment, and cannot be operated within other desktop or mobile platforms and infrastructures. The predefined location of the aforementioned file instances are normally the same in scope of identical operating system settings and tweaks. Therefore, the formerly noted file content may be securely stored and saved within the /System/Library/Automator directory, in /Library/Automator folder, or directly through the ~/Library/Automator/ path.

Programs to open .ACTION file - Automator Action

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