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πŸ“Œ A .BAT extension corresponds to the DOS batch entry utilized for opening up and execution of commands with the Windows Command Prompt shell (cmd.exe). Besides, the .BAT file items are composed of a series of line commands in plain text which are executed to perform particular specific tasks, such as calling performance utilities or running up new Windows apps within the command environment. Generally, .BAT file instances serve as discrete scripts, fit for executing repetitive tasks by expert or proficient Windows or DOS users and make them easier to complete, afterwards. You may also refer to the console help guide, which represents concrete instructions on how to execute and open a particular batch command or instruction within the .BAT item.

How to open an .BAT file?

πŸ“Œ The .BAT file containers can be generated, adjusted, modified, or opened by a simple text editor (Notepad or WordPad). On the structure it corresponds to the plain textual layout, and can be easily reviewed as a plain text-based object. However, .BAT extension suggests Windows system to handle the file as a batch package, and to execute the composite commands within the resource one after another in the consecutive way. Hereby, the PC owner may run Windows apps, maintenance utilities, administrative tools in the optimal, effortless way with minimum manipulations regarding the registry and tasks scheduler. It should be noted that .BAT guidelines can be exploited in early Windows editions, precisely from Windows 95 up to XP branch.

Programs to open .BAT file - DOS Batch File

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