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πŸ“Œ .HTA extension category correlates with a program which can be run and opened from an HTML document. The .HTA format definition refers to an executable object composed of hypertext code. As an extra perk, the .HTA sources may include JScript or VBScript code embedded in the shape of a binary data block. The .HTA entity can be created and opened up by simply adjusting the file extension of an .HTM sample to an .HTA extension term. In general, the noted .HTA entry is executed by the Microsoft HTML Application Host (Mshta.exe) software distributive. In Windows UI the HTML apps and file services can be run and started up by double-clicking the .HTA data objects. The format mechanics is processed in collaboration with the Internet Explorer browser, as long as the noted content is visually reproduced and reprojected in the plain web-browser form. At last, the .HTA can appear runnable directly from the web-site in addition to locally stored, offline Internet-document.

How to open an .HTA file?

πŸ“Œ The .HTA object samples can be freely opened up and discovered by Microsoft Internet Explorer web-browser by plain double-clicking on the appropriate file record. Besides, the .HTA data records are reviewed and processed by Microsoft HTML Application Host (Mshta.exe) utility, tightly integrated into the Windows shell. As long as the container belongs to the executable category, it is flawlessly handled within the web-area and is accessible from the local machine on a remote connectivity session. Mshta.exe package is available in all modern Windows editions, either formerly released or published in the current time period. When the .HTA component is retrieved during the online Internet-connection, the corresponding dialog box appears on the screen, which requests the user, whether he desires to run the package from its actual location or save this .HTA-based program to local disk to be capable of running it up in offline mode sequentially.

Programs to open .HTA file - HTML Application

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