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πŸ“Œ The .RPJ build-up interpretation is recognized as a batch process item written and coded in UNI*Script, a formal script language designed, opened up, and promoted by Uni Comp, Inc corporate affiliation. Specifically, the .RPJ file technology serves for storing and opening multiple extension scripts that automate designated tasks for Uni Comp’s software products, involving Real Pac v.2 and later revisions. In fact, the .RPJ file layout composition is essentially applicable for client software upgrades and installations, business rules, application logic, data-related transitions and transformations, custom installations, and other computational routines and workflows.

How to open an .RPJ file?

πŸ“Œ Most of the .RPJ file records are effortlessly and smoothly operated, uncovered, opened, and retrieved by Uni Comp Real Pack program suite, initially designed for maintenance and sustainment of custom software upgrades and installations related to UNI*Script, a certain scripting language designed for coding batch processes and routines, as well as automating various assigned tasks for Uni Comp’s software products.

Programs to open .RPJ file - Real Pac Batch Job File

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  • Uni Comp Real Pac  β€”  DiscontinuedUni Comp Real Pac β€” Discontinued
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