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πŸ“Œ An .AHK file sample is related to the script, generated, made up and opened by AutoHotkey, a program dedicated to the tasks automation in Windows operating environment. Basically, the .AHK object instances are saved in a plain textual shape and include lines of code which can be afterwards executed and recognized by AutoHotkey program tool. AutoHotkey solution refers to the freeware open source bundle, which permits users to execute repetitive or comprehensive tasks with a sole press of a keyboard or mouse button. For instance, users can apply AutoHotkey scenarios for autocorrection of the document spelling, automatically perform Google searches from the desktop path, etc.

How to open an .AHK file?

πŸ“Œ .AHK objects can be effortlessly opened up, viewed and executed by the AutoHotkey package, specifically designed for running and performing .AHK scripts and scenarios. In addition, the extension is compatible with a few alternate toolkits, which can process the container in a limited way. Moreover, you may also view the internal structure and composition of the .AHK file resources with the assistance of a basic, accustomed text editor. The .AHK container can also be discovered on Android platform using File Viewer application, downloaded from the Google Play store.

Programs to open .AHK file - AutoHotkey Script

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