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Geosoft Script

β‡’ Category:Executable Files
β‡’ Developer:Geosoft Inc

πŸ“Œ One more complementary assignment of the .GS data arrangement is tightly focused on the script records utilized by Oasis montaj, a top-notch solution for geospatial data mapping and processing. Specifically, the noted .GS composition suggests availability of a predefined set of instructions on the structure similar to a macro sequence. Therefore, this relevant .GS file foundation is eligible for recording a set of repeated, concurrent tasks and automating them with the involvement of a suggested software suite. You can smoothly and gently run .GS file scripts by navigating to the GX -> Scripting -> Run Script… menu section. The resulting dialog enables authorized and trusted users to supply optional parameters and keys to a customly refined and prepared .GS file script.

Google Apps Script

β‡’ Category:Developer Files
β‡’ Developer:Google LLC

πŸ“Œ Essentially, the .GS compound file structure fits for maintenance of scripts coded in Google Apps Script, a low-level programming language related to jΠ°vascript specification and oriented on automation of tasks across various Google products in online representation. Thus, the .GS file basement is eligible for designing and composing online Web products and services, such as a handy utility that automatically formats and fills Google Docs documents in the background mode, or a Web interface, distinguished as a useful package that sends custom predefined email to the correspondence receiver. As a matter of fact, the .GS data elements can be smoothly opened up and edited with Google Apps Script solution, a flexible code editor that runs and operates in a web-browser area.

GemStone Document

β‡’ Category:Data Files
β‡’ Developer:Verity Software House

πŸ“Œ As an extra option, the .GS file specification may rely on the documents generated and built by GemStone, a handy utility for in-depth analysis of flow cytometry data designed on the basis of the Probability State Modeling system. Accurately, the .GS layout pattern includes the analysis and model of data specifically captured by a flow cytometer. Furthermore, the .GS file instances can be opened, viewed, tracked, and monitored visually within the predefined GemStone software package.

How to open an .GS file?

πŸ“Œ In the basic approach, most of the .GS data resources can be opened, processed, and researched by Google Apps Script, an up-to-date technological, innovative technique employed for building, deploying, and implementing custom code scripts for automation of repetitive tasks across various Google products and services. Instead, you can make an attempt experimenting with GemStone bundle, related to thorough analysis of a custom .GS adapted flow cytometry data. Finally, one more apparent case of the .GS extension exploitation is focused on the Oasis montaj app distributive, irreplaceable for geospatial .GS data mapping, processing, and analysis. In any of the aforementioned situations, Linux PCs cannot recognize and discover the .GS file format branch node constitution.

Programs to open .GS file - Geosoft Script

  • Windows
  • 🌐 Software
    ⌨️ Developer
    πŸ’΅ License
  • Seequent, The Bentley Subsurface Company

Programs to open .GS file - GemStone Document

  • Windows
  • Mac OS

Programs to open .GS file - Google Apps Script

  • Web
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