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Linux Preseed File

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📌 The .SEED file format class fits for holding and operating with installer packages embedded into Linux OS discs, such as an Ubuntu Linux installation CD carrier. In practice, the .SEED container elements are stored in an open, clear, and plain textual arrangement with four distinctive fields per line. Each of the respective .SEED lines involves the title of the software that should run an appropriate command, and the variable’s value, type, and name. By the way, common preseed file entitlements introduce the “cli.seed” and “ubuntu.seed” values.

SEED Data File

⇒ Category:Data Files
⇒ Developer:FDSN

📌 A .SEED extension pattern can also be assigned for storing data file objects in the Standard for the Exchange of Earthquake Data (in short, SEED) tech layout, a common electronic schema utilized in the seismology area. Precisely, it comprises instrument metadata, time series values, or both. Time series values are commonly distinguished as an aggregated collection of waveform time intervals recorded by a proper seismic instrument. On the other hand, instrument metadata embraces the physical location of the station (where exactly the instruments were allocated when the proper data was recorded) and the instrument response data markers. Indeed, the .SEED data records are typically generated and composed by seismological instruments applied to monitor seismic movements on the globe. The following data specification is maintained and sustained by the Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks (FDSN). .SEED object instances which are comprised of metadata and time series values are divided into two discrete sections. The segment containing metadata markers is generally known as the “Dataless SEED”. The section which encompasses the time series values is broadly spread under the “miniSEED” category entitlement. In case a certain .SEED file item only interferes with time series values, it is generally known as a miniSEED schema but is still distributed with the “.SEED” markered tag. If a .SEED variation only grasps various metadata, it is shared under Dataless SEED definition but also still owns the .SEED format label. As a matter of fact, the formerly noted branch nodes are normally transformed into other data arrangements for further processing and maintenance. rdseed is comprehended as a currently widely popular and accustomed utility applied to open and convert current file entities to the other logical and hierarchical shapes.

How to open an .SEED file?

📌 Most often, the specified technological basement is associated with the Linux Live CD Installer disc, which may utilize the initial installation set of a proper Linux distributive, such as Ubuntu or Mandrake. Besides, in other typical situations the .SEED-wrapped pattern can be recognized, opened, and handled by rdseed utility, currently remaining in discontinued support and enhancement status.

Programs to open .SEED file - Linux Preseed File

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Programs to open .SEED file - SEED Data File

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