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πŸ“Œ The primary .OSX extension variation correlates with a file sample that includes a program header for a respective PowerPC app or package and is normally saved and held in the PEF (PowerPC Executable Format) binary executable representation. Basically, the .OSX element nodes can be run and opened up precisely in Mac OS X shell on Power PC-adapted Macintosh workstations or via Rosetta system on Intel machines and stations. Besides, the specified instances may also refer to other file resources that are obligatory required for the program to successfully and steadily open and run. As a rule, most of the .OSX objects are built and initiated by Adobe Director suite. If you make an attempt to run β€œfile” command on an β€œ.osx” system entity in the Macintosh Terminal, in the outcome β€œHeader for PowerPC PEF executable file.” text description would be represented and visualized as a result.

How to open an .OSX file?

πŸ“Œ Actually, there are no third-party tools or utilities able to open or execute the .OSX-embraced data pattern. Instead, in order to run up a corresponding .OSX item, it can be executed by itself.

Programs to open .OSX file - PowerPC Executable File

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