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πŸ“Œ In general, the .COF format branch relies on the Common Object File Format (COFF) executable objects generated and opened by MPLAB IDE, a development environment applied to flexibly program and adapt embedded software tools and solutions for dsPIC and PIC microcontrollers manufactured, distributed and promoted by Microchip Technology corporate group. Essentially, the .COF file elements serve for storing machine code and debugging data for the certain toolkits and utilities. Basically, the .COF content is generated from the MPLINK linker component, which consecutively takes a linker script, library file elements, and object .O resources to produce, build and open the outcome executables. In addition, two complementary file entities are generated with the .HEX and .MAP extension markers as an extra hint. After all, the .COF technical specification standard is not unique to the MPLAB IDE shell. Although all of the MPLAB IDE formatted records apply the .COF tagged format indicator, the COFF file resources may also be based on the .OUT format label.

How to open an .COF file?

πŸ“Œ The .COF file objects can be seamlessly opened, reviewed, operated and maintained by MPLAB IDE toolset, designed and shared by Microchip Technology company. Primarily, the noted .COF format layout is supported by Windows architecture solely. Therefore, the .COF resource cannot be uncovered within Linux or macOS shells, as long as MPLAB IDE is compatible with Windows PCs only. As long as technically the .COF-related specification is reserved and copyrighted by the aforementioned Microchip Technology corporate trademark, none of other auxiliary program tools and bundles are afforded a way to explore the .COF item composition, logic and build-up. Miscellaneously, it is worth to note that in practice the .COF file items are generally built up and initiated by MPLINK linker component, which plays a crucial role in compiling the source .COF items and constructing the outcome executable data samples. After all, the COFF mechanics can also refer to the .OUT file branch, which is distinguished as an alternate definition to a common COFF standard.

Programs to open .COF file - MPLAB COFF File

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