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πŸ“Œ A .PIF make-up composition generally corresponds to a container for information applied for defining how an appropriate MS-DOS package or suite should be run, opened, and executed. Moreover, the .PIF schema may also be comprehended as a shortcut to an executable data object, much like an .LNK extension layout, and is generally initiated and and generated when the user forms a shortcut to a DOS utility or adjusts the common settings of the application. Furthermore, the .PIF specification also embraces various crucial data such as the path for an appropriate .EXE executable object, screen colors, font size, what amount of RAM or disk memory should be used, and the resulting size of the main program’s window.

How to open an .PIF file?

πŸ“Œ A majority of the .PIF file resources are handled, operated, and opened internally by Windows shell. Thus, there are no specific third-party apps or toolkits, capable of reviewing and visualizing the .PIF file entry logic and constitution. Consider the statement, that it is insistently not recommended to open up the .PIF samples, obtained or delivered as incoming e-mail attachments as far as they may contain viruses, trojans, or spyware scripts, able to harm your personal content or information after infection.

Programs to open .PIF file - Program Information File

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