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SageCRM Script File

β‡’ Category:Executable Files
β‡’ Developer:The Sage Group

πŸ“Œ One more optional shape of the .ES file layout is focused on the source code scripts applied and opened up by SageCRM, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) package for handling and maintaining various business processes. Particularly, the noted .ES composition includes jΠ°vascript-maintained code and proper eWare API modules. Thus, the .ES file schema serves for installing or scripting UI-customization adjustments in a proper SageCRM project. This accurate basement of the .ES logic is typically entitled as β€œCOMPONENT.ES” markered value and is generally allocated within the β€œ\CRM\<installname>\inf” disc catalog accompanied with a relevant .ECF sample variation.

E-Studio 1.x Experiment File

β‡’ Category:Data Files
β‡’ Developer:Psychology Software Tools

πŸ“Œ The essential definition of the .ES container group is a project file generated by E-Studio, a powerful program tool for designing purposes of the psychological experiment integrated into the E-Prime program bundle. Particularly, the noted .ES arrangement stores and saves the steps of a custom behavioral research experiment. Therefore, the .ES composition is composed of set-up iterations as well as of injected stimuli (i.e., sounds and videos) and data logging procedures. When a proper design layout is opened, accomplished and finalized, you can smoothly precompile it by selecting Run -> Generate option from the internal app menu. In order to start up the experiment, select the Run -> Run menu element. Consecutively, with the next release of 2-nd branch of the E-Studio bundle, the suite starts the new experiment designs with the .ES2 extension label, which serves as an eligible alternative or replacement of the obsolete .ES format marker.

How to open an .ES file?

πŸ“Œ The .ES format constitution can be smoothly and transparently opened, uncovered, and monitored by the Psychology Software Tools E-Prime bundle, mainly adapted for execution of psychological experiment designs and maintenance of various setup steps as well as data logging procedures and injected stimuli (i.e., sounds and videos). In other possible preconditions, the target .ES file nodes can be reviewed and researched by SageCRM, a top-notch CRM-oriented solution for managing various business-processes on the enterprise or corporate infrastructure. Particularly, this accurate layout of the .ES file branch stores jΠ°vascript-handled script source code lines and eWare API functions, executed by the developers and integrated into the SageCRM platform in the form of discrete plugins and add-ons. As a matter of fact, that precise category of .ES file objects is entitled as COMPONENT.ES entitlement and serves for internal CRM-system targets and aims.

Programs to open .ES file - SageCRM Script File

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Programs to open .ES file - E-Studio 1.x Experiment File

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