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πŸ“Œ A file object marked with .ADOBE extension tag is encoded by Dharma ransomware, a specific category of malware commonly employed by cybercriminals. The .ADOBE format label is not related anyhow to Adobe corporation or any of its groups or partners. Dharma ransomware typically renames standard object instances, such as .PDF, .DOCX, or .MP4 into .ADOBE format branch. The .ADOBE file records are encrypted with RSA or AES ciphers. Therefore, it is not possible to review, extract, and open up the proper item instances by barely modifying the extension of the file sample to its originally designated value. The .ADOBE ransomware is intended to take your resources hostage and force you to pay to the lawbreaker, quite often by the bitcoin, to unlock and successfully open your genuine file content. Commonly, the .ADOBE harmful code can be involved into your computer infrastructure through an executable file introduced as another file category or branch.

How to open an .ADOBE file?

πŸ“Œ None of currently known programs is able to open up and review the .ADOBE entry contents or restore it to its original state. The best solution to restore the .ADOBE file entities structure is to extract them from the recent backup or initiate a System Restore point formerly at the moment when the target file sample was not infected yet. Hereby, make sure to create a system backup on the recurring foundation so that you can always revert to the healthy system status before the .ADOBE malware intrudes into your environment or infrastructure. Such a principle also guarantees that any critical .ADOBE changes or adjustments you perform within your Windows shell can be reverted at any time to the former System Restore status and you won’t obtain a non-working PC with malfunctions and a necessity to reinstall Windows platform from scratch. System Restore is a standard functionality originally integrated into Windows XP edition remaining in active status until now.

Programs to open .ADOBE file - Dharma Ransomware Encrypted File

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