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πŸ“Œ The .KDE files are typically generated and opened up by KryptoStorage and other Kaspersky computer protection and antivirus packages. Essentially, the .KDE technology stores an archived bundle of files in an encrypted, password protected view. Besides, the .KDE structured layout permits users to securely archive, store and open up sensitive personal data and information. It is worthy noting that Kaspersky Labs enterprise is no longer maintaining KryptoStorage as a diverse, standalone program solution. Instead of that, the developer suggests referencing the alternate Kaspersky PURE product for personal data protection and maintenance.

How to open an .KDE file?

πŸ“Œ .KDE extension correlates with the Kaspersky PURE program toolkit, which is strictly designed for securing the internal data access and maintenance in scope of unified infrastructure. Precisely, the bundle permits users to make up encrypted virtual drives, which include a .KDE file that is responsible for secure data storage. The Kaspersky PURE suite marks this relevant file category as a β€˜KAV Shell Extension’. .KDE entries are operated and opened with Kaspersky software unexceptionally, without any clauses or preconditions. Yet, on the actual product status, the further development and technical support of the PURE suite is entirely terminated and ceased, as follows from the official project web-portal. Therefore, there is no chance to download the package online.

Programs to open .KDE file - KryptoStorage Container File

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