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AES Crypt Encrypted File

⇒ Category:Encoded Files
⇒ Developer:Packetizer

📌 This custom .AES file category is exploited and served by AES Crypt, a tool oriented on securing file entries with AES encoding method. Accurately, the following .AES container branch handles files which have been reliably secured by a 256-bit encryption schema and a reliable, randomly generated password. This specific format area requires the password which was applied to encrypt the object entry in order to decrypt and open the file backwards in the original constitution. .AES extension subdivision is especially helpful for the protection of sensitive business and personal document structures. AES Crypt users frequently encrypt documents, deliver and share them by email or messenger. When AES Crypt suite creates an outcome encrypted sample, it attaches the ”.aes” format marker to the filename associated with the record. As long as AES mechanics fit as an accustomed shape of encryption, other encoding algorithms may also utilize the “.AES” format schema.

ooVoo Log File

⇒ Category:Data Files
⇒ Developer:ooVoo

📌 This appropriate .AES specification entry refers to the log file generated, built, and opened up by ooVoo, a freeware messaging, voice calling, and video chat prpject. Precisely, the aforementioned .AES-sustained composition handles records of ooVoo activities that are delivered and transferred to the ooVoo support service when debugging is required. You are suggested to activate the logging feature in order to allow ooVoo suite to properly create requested log entries. Navigate to the ooVoo -> Preferences… -> Support menu item and put on the “Enable Debug Logging” tweak key. In macOS environment, the noted .AES-relied data samples are stored, sustained and processed within the /Users/[username]/Library/Containers/com.oovoo.mac/Data/Library/Logs/ooVoo folder. Alternatively, in Windows infrastructure ooVoo logging records are distinguished by the .OVOLOG format marker. However, the ooVoo bundle is compliant with macOS devices of any generation and architecture solely.

How to open an .AES file?

📌 .AES file instances can be flawlessly opened up and explored by AES Crypt distributive, which mostly serves for encrypting files with the same-entitled algorithm. As long as typically .AES data entries are exploited by the formerly mentioned toolkit only, you need to download the suite from the official genuine web-resource and associate the proper file category with the AES Crypt software product. In any other case, the source .AES-based record may be processed by ooVoo package, recognized as a flexible and efficient messaging, voice calling, and video chatting utility. This type of .AES file constitution maintains a recording of former VooDoo activities that are gathered up by the distributive internally before finally being sent up to the ooVoo support department. Before the logging is recorded, you are required to enable the feature in ooVoo settings by navigating to the Preferences… -> Support menu item, located in the upper section of the main app form.

Programs to open .AES file - AES Crypt Encrypted File

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  • Mac OS
  • Linux

Programs to open .AES file - ooVoo Log File

  • Mac OS
  • 🌐 Software
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  • ooVoo
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