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πŸ“Œ The .GOOD format marker fits for the files which have been encrypted and renamed by Scatter ransomware. Mostly, the .GOOD branch items maintain encrypted images, videos, documents, or other content categories. As long as the source .GOOD object is processed in encrypted shape, there is no chance to properly open it. The .GOOD extension label is appended to the normal extension value of the object, generating an outcome extension like .mpg.good. Scatter ransomware, also commonly spread as Uniquekey@dr.com software, is a trojan malware that can be occasionally downloaded through a spam email attachment. After the proper mail attachment is opened up and extracted, the ransomware runs a harmful process also widely known as Trojan-Ransom.BAT.Scanner. This .GOOD related methodology encrypts all of the files on your OC and attaches the .PZDC, .CRYPT, or .GOOD format tag to the original extension value. After all of your hard disk content appears encrypted, Scatter generates a ransom info note that includes detailed instructions you should follow in order to pay the criminal and unlock your data resources. Nevertheless, you can avoid the .GOOD ransomware influence by running Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor utility which would remove the harmful code and decrypt all of your personal content for free. Further, it is insistently recommended never to pay the blackmailer as long as you don’t have any guarantee that when you pay you receive all of your data intact and safe.

How to open an .GOOD file?

πŸ“Œ The .GOOD labeled file instances are suggested and recommended to be analyzed and researched by utilizing the Kaspersky ScatterDecryptor package, distributable for free from the trusted anti-virus portals. This action would guarantee that the ransomware is deleted after your computer is properly scanned and monitored, so you obtain a .GOOD virus-free and stable operating system and personal content in an open based, safe, and secure shape.

Programs to open .GOOD file - Scatter Ransomware Encrypted File

  • Windows
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