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πŸ“Œ Ordinarily, the files marked with the .KK extension tag have been renamed and encrypted by SyncCrypt ransomware solution. In detail, the .KK objects include databases, archives, images, documents, or other categories of .KK content the noted ransomware utility is holding hostage. The .KK tag is appended to the file’s typical format entitlement, generating a complex format label like xlsx.kk. In 2017, some of the users started discussing that their desktop operating clients appeared infected by SyncCrypt ransomware package. SyncCrypt generally encrypts a broad multitude of user’s content and renames them to apply the .KK label. After that, it opens a ransom message entitled as readme.html in the default browser of the user. Besides, it generates and builds a folder entitled as README on the desktop of the relevant user, which is composed of a ransom note and a .TXT entity tagged as AMMOUNT.TXT, which indicates a ransom amount. SyncCrypt .KK shaped ransomware is generally spread using emails that include .WSF attachment items. Normally, these .WSF resources are altered as court orders, using file names such as CourtOrder_39531635.WSF. If a user decides to open one of these .WSF scripts, the process will be automatically executed that downloads a respective .JPEG entry from the web-source. This particular image includes embedded .KK instances that ransomware applies to install itself.

How to open an .KK file?

πŸ“Œ It is insistently recommended that target .KK file objects should not be executed, opened and run within your infrastructure. However, if your PC becomes infected, the only way to restore the former stable state of the system would be to reference the System Restore module, based on formerly generated savestates. Otherwise, you would be obliged to reinstall the operating system from scratch.

Programs to open .KK file - SyncCrypt Ransomware Encrypted File

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