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πŸ“Œ An .ECD object type can be associated with encrypted documents built up and opened by Cryptee, a web-oriented editor for writing journals, notes, diaries and other areas of content in a cozy, flexible online environment. All categories of internal Cryptee file samples are reliably secured with powerful, scalable encryption mechanics. Precisely, the .ECD source is exported from Cryptee and is confidently encrypted within the Cryptee extension type. Therefore, the web-based Cryptee content may involve audio, video, images, and text. According to the implemented principle, the new .ECD object is generated each time when you open and export a note, journal, diary page, or another file from Cryptee shell.

How to open an .ECD file?

πŸ“Œ Ordinarily, .ECD instances are employed for transferring or backing up various composite Cryptee files from one service account to another one. Mainly, the files are only maintained by Cryptee infrastructure, and are not supported by alternate products or web-services. You can effortlessly edit and open .ECD file objects by simply uploading them to Cryptee shell. In addition, the service doesn’t support any desktop editions of the service, and is able to process the textual, media, or visual content across the platform UI. Outcome .ECD files can be downloaded from the online sandbox to the desktop PC-machine or node.

Programs to open .ECD file

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  • Cryptee
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