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πŸ“Œ If you tackle a file object marked with the .PURGE extension label, obviously it has been renamed and encrypted by Globe ransomware. Originally, the .PURGE disk item can be an encrypted database, document, video, image, or other category of content. As long as the file is stored and allocated on the hard drive in the encrypted shape, you cannot easily open up its composition. The .PURGE tagged indicator is appended to the genuine, primary format of the file instance, producing the outcome extension value like .DOCS.PURGE. In 2016, users initiated reporting regarding the existence of Globe ransomware. The .PURGE bundled virus infiltrates on the victim’s PC, infecting the disk content, renaming and encrypting the user’s data resources, and then generating a ransom notification entitled as How to restore files.hta. After this iteration is accomplished, the .PURGE encompassed virus automatically opens up the ransom note. Besides, the trojan adjusts the desktop background of a proper user to an image that consists of visual characters obtained from the movie Purge: Election Year. Up to the current moment of time, it remains unknown how exactly the .PURGE packed Globe virus is distributed and shared. Nevertheless, as usually most of the keyloggers and ransomware is shared via software tools that seem to be legitimate but are actually malware and adware bundles, as well as via .PURGE interfered spam email attachments.

How to open an .PURGE file?

πŸ“Œ Although the .PURGE ransomware is pretty dangerous and harmful, it is yet possible to encode and extract the original data files infected by the virus. This opportunity is open up due to involvement of the Emsisoft Decryptor for Globe utility smoothly adapted for Windows architecture. Among the primary requirements of this particular software solution is that you possess at least one pair of decrypted and encrypted file sources. For instance, the file entitled as spreadsheet.xlsx, obtained from a trusted backup device (cloud storage or portable USB-drive), and its sibling spreadsheet.xlsx.purge, allocated on your infected hard disk storage. Also, as it remains up-to-date for all keyloggers and trojans, you can make service of Windows-embedded System Restore feature, if you turned on and activated it before the .PURGE malware has infiltrated onto your PC.

Programs to open .PURGE file - Globe Ransomware Encrypted File

  • Windows
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