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β‡’ Category:Encoded Files
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πŸ“Œ The following .AXX sample category is generated and built up by AxCrypt, a freeware personal security and privacy tool for Windows platform. Accurately, the current .AXX entry schema includes a password-protected data file encoded with AES encryption algorithm. Furthermore, it should be strictly mentioned that the .AXX item logic also incorporates extended, advanced file compression mechanics. At last, the correct password is requested to gain access to the target .AXX record definition and an optional key file in order to open up the file object. Primarily, the .AXX compound file composition can be applied to safely send files over e-mail or to securely archive files so they can only be opened up, explored, and reviewed with the correct password, being entered in order to gain accessibility rights for designated data content. None of the inclusive .AXX data resources are available without entry of the password, approved and checked out during the access attempt.

How to open an .AXX file?

πŸ“Œ The .AXX file entities can be opened up, reviewed, extracted, and unpackaged with the aid of AxCrypt utility, mainly designed to provide personal security and privacy during revealing the private .AXX content in order to guarantee protection from potential leaks and hijacking by the means of third-party organizations and hackers. All of the .AXX data instances are protected by well-thought, preferably randomly-generated password and store all of the internal resources in encrypted, encoded and compressed shape. AxCrypt bundle is perfectly compatible with Windows architecture only, and cannot be opened up within macOS and Linux desktop stations, regardless of their release dates and editions. Up to the actual moment of time, the AxCrypt software initiative is still maintained, improved and supported by the product developer, i.e. AXCrypt corporate affiliation. At last, the utility even supports Android devices, although with another relevant file format standards, excluding the .AXX extension.

Programs to open .AXX file - AxCrypt Encrypted File

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  • Axantum Software AB
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