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πŸ“Œ The .SAFE data sample is eligible for sustaining and covering encrypted file records generated and opened by SIGLock, a file encryption service app for Windows platform suitable for reliably transferring and storing relevant file items. Basically, the .SAFE make-up encompasses an encrypted revision of the respective branch node, such as an .XLSX or .PDF arrangement, that can only be flawlessly decrypted by the SIGLock package. As a matter of fact, .SAFE resources also maintain locking and unlocking proper data elements such as when the users are afforded a way to open an encrypted file layout, where they can reveal its contents, and which concrete users are authorized to review the .SAFE pattern logic. In order to lock a desired file, hereby generating a compound .SAFE composition:

  • pick File -> Select File(s) to Lock menu branch tree, navigate to your requested data instance, and click Open button
  • specify preferable unlocking clauses, click Lock button (alternatively, you can also make a selection of Lock and Send feature to send the object to other persons)
  • define the .SAFE file entitlement, specify the save allocation, click Save and confirm your decision by picking the OK option. Eventually your original label marker (for instance, .PPTX, .XLSX, or other format category) will be superseded with a .SAFE tag value.

Besides, you are also granted a way to right-click the .SAFE instance you desire to secure and choose Create a SigLock File menu item to initiate the outcome locking routine.

Prior to making use of the .SAFE format area, SigLock was established on the basis of the .SGZ extension marker for locked data content. Up to now, the SIGLock software initiative is not supported and enhanced any longer.

How to open an .SAFE file?

πŸ“Œ The .SAFE data algorithm is operated, processed, and opened up by SIGLock suite, currently remaining in discontinued condition.

Programs to open .SAFE file - SIGLock Encrypted File

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  • Sigza SIGLock  β€”  DiscontinuedSigza SIGLock β€” Discontinued
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