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πŸ“Œ A .LOCKED format basement is established on the foundation of a file encoded and infected by the Locked virus, a powerful trojan horse broadly applied by cybercriminals all over the web area. Precisely, the .LOCKED entry comprises a specific user file, such as .XLSX or .PDF extension document, encoded with a particular AES-256 scheme algorithm. .LOCKED pattern arrangement acquired a broad spread since 2016 along with .LOCKY malware specification that are respectively referenced and opened up by the infected Locky keylogger. The Locked trojan horse is affected by the malware script that is generally referenced as ransomware, where the original destination of the .LOCKED virus is to take your resource entries hostage and force you to pay the cybercriminal (mostly, by bitcoin crypto) in order to unlock and successfully open your personal info or content. The virus is mainly shared through fake software updates, P2P network, or email attachments. At once after the .LOCKED trojan horse interferes with your computer it starts scrambling your personal data instances, renaming them, and encoding in the background mode. After that the script builds up a ransom .TXT document which notifies you regarding the takeover and what actions you require to accomplish in order to restore your file elements to the typical, decoded representation.

How to open an .LOCKED file?

πŸ“Œ At the actual moment of time there is no known solution able to reduce the influence of the .LOCKED algorithm effects and restore your file data to the original shape. If you manage to periodically backup your native content, it is possible to accomplish a full System Restore, and bring back the original logical hierarchy of your hard disk storage and open its composition, before the outcome infection with the .LOCKED pattern.

Programs to open .LOCKED file - Ransomware Encrypted File

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